Pennine Goes Vegan for 2020!

Vegan Friendly Beer Now Available on Request!

With veganism appearing to be more of a lifestyle change than a trend (remember shell suits?), we have been discovering ways to brew our beers to make them vegetarian and vegan friendly.

We have found that with the craft beer industry booming, consumers want more knowledge about the brewing process and ingredients used. They are increasingly more aware of the choices available for them to make. Their choice may be down to health, ethical or environmental reasons but we want to make our beers available for everyone to enjoy without question. Which is why we are now offering a vegan friendly craft ale on request!

As a family run, 18 barrel micro-brewery we needed to make it as cost effective as possible for our trade customers to order a vegan friendly brew from us. Over the last few months we have experimented with different finings used towards the end of the brewing process to achieve a clear beer. Our head brewer Tim has now given his seal of approval as perfection has been achieved!

We already display the alcohol units per pint on our pump clips, and a Vegan friendly stamp will also be displayed so your patrons can enjoy a drink, safe in the knowledge they have been able to make an informed decision!

November 2019 is World Vegan Month and Veganary officially begins on January 1st 2020!

To order, please call: 01677 470111 or Email:

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