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Pennine Gin

Miss Millie

Honey & Vanilla Rum

With sweet vanilla notes on the nose which is combined

with a spice mixture including vanilla and honey that’s

distilled in our copper stills and aged in our barrels.

Miss Mille

Raspberry vodka

The Raspberry Ripple vodka is a full strength, ruby pink vodka, infused with mouth-watering raspberries and the perfect balance of Madagascan Vanilla post distillation.

The rich ruby colour comes from the addition of the fruit - there are no added fruit essences or flavourings to the vodka.

Miss Millie

Rhubarb Ripple
ABV. 42%

Fun gin, packed with flavour and aroma. Fresh, tart rhubarb is complemented by natural madagascan vanilla extract, leaving a deliciously fruity aftertaste.